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How Long is a Long Walk?

Today I ventured on a longer walk, and it ended up being longer than I’d thought. I was away from home for 2 hours and 40 minutes. What a walk! I went through the forest, down the North Downs, close to the M25, back up the North Downs and then through the forests and farms back to home. The largest walk I’d done recently was about 1 hour and 15 minutes, so this was a big step up.

Below you can see lots of photos that I took along the way. It really was beautiful (except for the M25). Some of them are a bit repetitive as I was trying to get a few good shots of my village.

Now at home, several hours after the walk, I can feel soreness in a lot of my muscles. The length of this walk and the steepness of the slopes going up and down the North Downs was quite a challenge, but it feels good. I’m really getting into walking now. Having a hernia repaired about 7 weeks ago seems to have given me a new lease on life. I didn’t realise how it was holding me back.

To you, how long is a long walk? I’m sure there are plenty of people who would think that this walk of mine was just a stroll.

The Lost Gardens of Heligan

While in Cornwall last week, we visited a place called The Lost Gardens of Heligan and we were all pleasantly surprised. We only went there because it was close to where we were staying (a place called Pentewan, near Mevagissy)) and supposedly one of the recommended local attractions. We now know that The Lost Gardens of Helligan can be the main reason people visit this part of Cornwall, and now we also know why.

the lost gardens of heligan

One of the sculptures. I didn’t get to see this one. Next time! – Image from

It was a lovely day, last Tuesday, and the gardens were stunning. Especially the rainforest area of the gardens was gorgeous and a total surprise. We walked around for a couple of hours before having lunch (most of the produce they use coming right from their grounds) and still, we only saw about half of the property. The Lost Gardens of Heligan was wonderful. Read more

A Day at the Eden Project

Last Monday, Gloria, Ella and I spent a day at the Eden Project. It was Ella’s idea originally, and it was a great idea. It really is a nice place. The Eden Project is all about working with Nature, preserving Nature and living sustainably. The whole site of the Eden Project was and old quarry before they started. Just goes to show what can be done with damaged land when we work with Nature.

Snoozebox at the Eden Project

One of the things we did that was fun was to stay in the YHA youth hostel that’s in the grounds of the Eden Project. They use converted shipping containers. It might have been a little squeezy in their “Snoozebox’s” but it was fun. And, it meant we could just walk down the hill to the Eden Project in the morning. Very pleasant.

eden project skywire

Image from the Eden Project website.


Another first for me was to have a go on the Eden Project’s SkyWire. It’s a zip wire that has you fly over all the biomes. Apparently, it’s the longest zip wire in England. From the high side of the Eden Project, right across everything. That was a great experience. Lots of fun. Read more

Three deer in the garden

Last Monday, just after the sun came up, we noticed three deer in our back garden. Have a look at the video below (you’ll have to “full screen” the video to see it properly). What a great view of nature. I’m not sure what mother deer was trying to teach her young, but she certainly was dashing around like a crazy old deer (sorry, pun intended).

After running around in the lower garden, they almost walked up to our back door looking for something to eat. See the photos below the video.

I love feeling a little like I’m embedded in nature, even though I’m living in outer-London suburbia.

Three deer in the lower garden

Three deer almost at our back door

Read more

Karting Victory – At Last!

On Monday, I was lucky enough to achieve a karting victory for the first time. The race was at the Crawley indoor karting track and the format was a 15 minute qualifying session followed by a 15 minute race. I qualified third and, as you can see in the video below, it was mostly a lot of luck in the traffic that allowed me to finish in 1st position.

In the video, I’m the one in a white helmut and with white shoes. The video was taken by Richard who was sitting on pole at the start of the race.

However this karting victory happened, I had a lot of fun and am enjoying the success.

Note: the race starts at about 3:20 into this video.