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In Your Face

in your face

Recently, I’ve read a good book called “In Your Face”. Most of the books I’ve been reading lately are based on spirituality, pottery or gardening, but this book documents the amazing encounter of a brave woman with the spectre of cancer. The story is raw, real and authentic while also being humorous, enjoyable and entertaining. I didn’t want to put it down.

in your face

“In Your Face” was written by Lia Mills who is a recent friend of mine, the wife of a long-term colleague and friend. I’ve come to know that Lia is a very strong, intelligent and resolute woman, all of which are consistently evident in her book. The description of the book from the back cover is;

In early 2006, Lia Mills went to the dentist, worried about the painful lump in her cheek. “In Your Face” is her account of what happened next. Based on the journals she kept even when she was feeling her worst, it is a book that should be read by anyone who wants to understand illness and recovery, fear, hope and love.

The good news is that she has broken through the clutches of this cancer demon.

Contrary to what you might think, I’m not writing this here because of any desire to try and help Lia sell her book. The book has long been out of print. I’m writing this here because I was moved by the book and want to highlight its existence (and the talented Lia’s existence!). It’s a good read if you can get your hands on a copy. Lia tells me she has some copies left somewhere, so we may be able to make a few copies available sometime.

One particular paragraph I like from “In Your Face” is (from page 240 of my copy);

This sheer pulsing pleasure I feel is a delight in being alive, in having a house to be alive in, a family to be alive with and meaningful work to do – it’s a slow but certain glow that liquifies and spreads. I remember when Clair’s mother-in-law was dying a slow and quiet death, she woke up each morning and said: ‘Oh, it’s lovely to see another day.’ – That’s how I feel now, every single morning.

In that I see a beautiful summary of life – somewhere to be alive, somebody to be alive with and something meaningful to do. Very simple, but I think that covers it.

Thanks Lia, for putting your story down in words. It certainly has had a profound effect on me.

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in your face

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