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Election Fraud? – a different point of view

I’m always a bit wary about discussing political issues on my blogs, because they often expose strong feelings of both sides of the arguments, but I feel I need to express my thoughts on the election fraud issue that is rife at the moment. I don’t hear anybody else talking about this issue in the way I see it, so I’m going to explain my views below.

election fraud

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Firstly, I’d like to state that I’m not the supporter of any political party. I’m a fan of good governance no matter which party can provide that the best. I also believe that the first priority should be to take care of the most vulnerable people in our societies, because they’re the ones least able to help themselves and most in need of assistance from the community.

My Arguments on Election Fraud

The current claims of widespread election fraud in the United States bring a large question to mind;

Is widespread election fraud possible in the United States today?

If the answer to this question is “No”, then that’s the end of the discussion.

If the answer to this question is “Yes”, then it leads to a very different set of questions;

If widespread election fraud is possible, why haven’t republicans done it? Why are the Democrats able to do it so well and yet the Republicans aren’t? Why did the Republicans allow the Democrats to execute election fraud so easily?

It would be a very strange world if widespread election fraud was possible. The Republicans have been warning about it for months before the election. So, if it’s possible, they knew all about it yet didn’t do anything to stop it and didn’t partake in fraud themselves. This is even though the Republicans are in government and are in control of everything, so why didn’t they put processes in place to stop the widespread fraud they knew was going to happen?

Why does it appear that this alleged “fraud” can only happen if the Republicans are behind in the election.

The only conclusions I can see are these;

  1. The sitting president is a bad president because his administration has allowed widespread election fraud to take place, even though they knew it was going to happen
  2. The Republican Party has failed badly because they allowed the Democrats to beat them in an election they both knew could be rigged
  3. There is no widespread election fraud and more Americans voted for the Democrats

Personally, I believe that the last conclusion is the one most likely to be true. If it was possible to rig the election, I can’t believe that the Republicans wouldn’t have been all over that and either stopped it or participated in the fraud to bias things in their favour.

Please don’t take what I’ve written here as a statement that I prefer one party over another in the United States. I just find the circumstances rather hard to believe. The United States, and all countries in the world need good and fair governance. Unfortunately, in many, many parts of the world, this is severely lacking. I hope that changes soon and that claims of election fraud become a thing of the past and good policies are put in place to benefit the most vulnerable people in society first.

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  1. Hi Pete, I don’t really know how I feel about all this. Like you I am very party-agnostic.

    I think we can safely discard any commentary regarding dead people enrolled, people voting several times etc etc. These sorts of things exist in all democracies and are unlikely to be particularly one sided or widespread. I am somewhat suspicious of the electronic voting systems and I have no doubt that there would be means to beat the system with them. You and I have been around computers long enough to have a healthy dose of cynicism.

    The thing that is different about the US (certainly compared with Australia) is that there is no real national Electoral Commission – or at least one with much power. So the idea that the President, or the Congress, is responsible for the control of the process is wrong. Each of the states runs things however they choose.

    Just because the Republicans warned about it doesn’t mean they knew it would actually happen, or how it could happen. And that is certainly no reason to suggest that they would have done it themselves. If it really did happen, I would be hugely surprised if there were more than a few people responsible or had knowledge. Within any party, there will be some extremely dedicated people who would do anything for the cause. The inference here is that this group happened to be Democrats, but they could equally well have been republicans.

    Do I think there was was widespread fraud – no. But I wouldn’t be hugely surprised if I was wrong

    December 7, 2020
  2. Peter #

    All good points, thanks Keith.

    One thing that bothers me is that in one (at least one) of the pre-election rallies, the current president said that his opponent was the worst candidate in the history of all presidential elections (or something close to that). Then the inference follows that if the current president lost the election, there must have been fraud because it’s just not possible for him to lose. That’s really weird.

    December 7, 2020
  3. Mark Borgert #

    It’s great to see your post Peter. I am an American and here is my opinion. I am also neither a Democrat or Republican. I also support whichever candidate seems best at the time to help the country move forward. I personally have never been a Donald Trump fan and I am blown away and saddened by how many people like him. Many family members included. I could go on and on about all the reasons why I dislike him but I will save you all from my rant. Thank God he will soon be out of the White House. The whole voter fraud idea was a scam he cooked up well ahead of the election. It’s kind of like how any bad news about him is “Fake News”. It’s his way of discrediting the truth. It’s the same with voter fraud. He doesn’t like the out come so it can’t be true. His lawyers have tried in multiple states including mine and the courts have all shut him down. The world is a better place without Donald Trump as President.

    December 7, 2020

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