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A Day at the Eden Project

Last Monday, Gloria, Ella and I spent a day at the Eden Project. It was Ella’s idea originally, and it was a great idea. It really is a nice place. The Eden Project is all about working with Nature, preserving Nature and living sustainably. The whole site of the Eden Project was and old quarry before they started. Just goes to show what can be done with damaged land when we work with Nature.

Snoozebox at the Eden Project

One of the things we did that was fun was to stay in the YHA youth hostel that’s in the grounds of the Eden Project. They use converted shipping containers. It might have been a little squeezy in their “Snoozebox’s” but it was fun. And, it meant we could just walk down the hill to the Eden Project in the morning. Very pleasant.

eden project skywire

Image from the Eden Project website.


Another first for me was to have a go on the Eden Project’s SkyWire. It’s a zip wire that has you fly over all the biomes. Apparently, it’s the longest zip wire in England. From the high side of the Eden Project, right across everything. That was a great experience. Lots of fun.

The day started out very misty and brightened up as the day went on. It was a little nippy on the Skywire, but not too bad.

I was so inspired by my day at the Eden Project that I wrote this post on the blog –


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