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Things are growing

daffodils - things are growing

With all the COVID-19 pandemic stuff going on these days, I am very, very grateful to have some land around my property where I can grow things. And, at the moment, things are growing! It’s great to see. For all the lockdown rules, social distancing and death statistics we hear about all day, it’s lovely to see that some parts of nature are just getting on with what they normally do.

As I said, I’m glad to have some land around my house and to see that things are growing. I feel sorry for people who are locked down in a house or a flat that isn’t large enough to do this comfortably. Thinking about this makes we wonder how we created a society where the result is that a lot of people can’t afford accommodation with enough room that everyone can be inside together comfortably. How did we create a society where so many people have accommodation that has no (or very little) land? How did we lose this connection?

These are all deep questions. When I lived in Singapore, I lived in an apartment most of the time (for about 8 years) and ever since then, I’ve felt the need live with some land. In France, we rented a house with a nice size garden and in the UK we’ve bought a house with a large garden – enough that I can plant lots of fruit trees and prepare parts of the ground for vegetable crops, which is exactly what I’ve been doing, bit by bit, for the last 4 years.

Over these years, I’ve been buying seeds from Tamar Organics and I’m very happy with them. It’s interesting to see that there’s been a rush on their seeds after the COVID-19 pandemic. People are trying to grow more of their own food! It’s interesting how this pandemic is forcing us back into more simple, and more natural ways of living. These ways were always there, but we left them behind for something more “convenient”. Was that the best thing to do?

In any case, I so glad to see that things are growing now. Below are a few photos that help pass on my mini celebration. I hope you are all staying safe and happy.

Click on any of the pictures below to see them full size. There are captions below each image to explain how things are growing.

daffodils - things are growing

Daffodils are amazing things. They seem to come out of nowhere as soon at the weather starts warming up, and they’re beautiful.

seeds sprouting - things are growing

Haven’t grown seeds like this before, but so far so good. Various varieties of chilli and tomato.

chilli sprouts

A different way to grow seeds – this time another variety of chilli (I like spicy food!)

Magnolia flower

Bought a Magnolia tree last year that’s currently in a pot. It has come out with a beautiful flower already.

things are growing

This patch of land was just grass a couple of years ago. It’s gradually become a nice area for shrubs and flowers.

dwarf Japanese weeping cherry

There’s a small tree that fell over and we’re propping it up and hoping it survives. It’s something like a Dwarf Weeping Cherry. It’s beautiful when it’s in flower. Notice the daffodils that have appeared underneath.

things are growing

I rescued a few plants from last year and kept them going in the greenhouse. The weather is good enough now to display some of them on the patio.

young plum tree

One of the young plum trees is coming out with blossoms.

rosemary plant

Last year’s Rosemary plant survived easily through winter and is now going strong and flowering.


This is one of my vegetable patches, getting ready to plant this year’s vegetable crops, but a beetroot plant has popped up. It’s where the beetroot was last year, but I thought I’d pulled all the beetroot out. It’s pretty hardy.

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