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More veggies than I can chew?

more veggies than I can chew

I’ve been busy in the garden lately. Real busy. So much of my spare time (which is quite limited) is now being taken up with the garden. Of course, it’s a problem all of my own making yet, I have to admit, I enjoy it a lot (most of the time). 

My last post was on April 10th (where has all that time gone?) and was called “Things are growing“. In that post there was a photo of young tomato and chilli seedlings in a plug tray. It was great to see them all start growing, but now I’m asking myself “why did I plant over 40 tomatoes?” and even more chillies? Have I bitten off more veggies than I can chew?

There’s one thing with nature, it doesn’t procrastinate. It just progresses. I can’t say I need a rest for a few days when there are seedlings that really need to be potted on. So the garden is actually setting my schedule and pushing me. That’s a good reason why I wish I hadn’t sown so many seeds (last year not so many of my seeds sprouted, so I thought the same would happen again, but it didn’t).

Even though the garden has me under pressure, I’m still enjoying it for sure. It’s one of the real pleasures for me in these worrying Covid-19 times. The weather here in the UK (South-East) has been really unusual. It has now officially been the sunniest Spring on record and the driest May for 124 years. Not surprising because we’ve had so much sun and so little rain (not like the UK normally!). In fact, my 3000 litre underground rainwater tank is now empty for the first time since it was installed  three years ago. We could certainly do with some rain!

Below are a few photos with comments, showing what has been going on.

If everything goes to plan and I haven’t taken on more veggies than I can chew, we’ll have a lot of tomatoes, chillis, marrows, squash, melons, cabbages and corn – we might even be giving some away to neighbours. It’s amazing how well the new greenhouse is working out.

Click on any of the pictures below to see them full size. There are explanatory captions below each image.

more veggies than I can chew

30 days ago – lots of young seedlings getting potted up and growing more

28 days ago – Putting some of the tomatoes outside to “harden off” a bit before being put in the ground

more veggies than I can chew

25 days ago – everything is growing and taking up more space – the pressure is on to get things in the ground before they won’t fit in the greenhouse any more – have I bitten off more veggies than I can chew?

pheasant visitor

24 days ago – Mr. Pheasant is friendly and often comes up close to me as I work in the garden – this was very early one morning

22 days ago – these seedlings (tomatoes and chillies) are very special – they’ve come from seeds that Gloria saved from last years fruit

more veggies than I can chew

18 days ago – everything is getting bigger and bigger and there’s more pressure to get things out of the greenhouse

more veggies than I can chew

Two days ago – all the tomatoes, squash, melons, etc., have moved out and there’s (temporarily?) enough room for the chillies and a few other things.

Two days ago – one of my garden beds with young tomatoes, squash, melons and marrows starting to grow. I need to do some weeding, but there’s so much else to do right now.

Two days ago – four corn plants on the go

Two days ago – nine cabbage plants looking quite healthy – last year, the birds took a liking to cabbages so, this year, I’m using some netting to protect them – that’s a rhubarb plant in the foreground

Yesterday – a distant view of one of my garden beds – hopefully full of a lot bigger plants in a couple of weeks time – I really like the wildflower patches I leave in the grass, they’re starting to come on

Yesterday – a view of my other garden bed – I hope all these plants grow well – it has been a lot of work to prepare these garden beds (they were just long grass a couple of years back)

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