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Don’t ever use Chronopost

chronopostDon’t ever use Chronopost

Chronopost is a French courier and mail company (part of the DPD Group) and I’ve had two terrible situations with them. This is just a warning for anyone searching for information on Chronopost – don’t ever use them!

The first problem

A couple of years ago, when I was living in France, I had to send an urgent document to my daughter in Brisbane. Because it was urgent, I decided to pay extra money (it was about 50 euros) to send it by courier. At the French post office, they recommended Chronopost. That was a bad idea.

The document got to Brisbane quite quickly and I was tracking it online. They said they tried to deliver it and couldn’t. That was strange. The next day they said the same thing, so then I called them. I made sure they had the right address and my daughter’s mobile number. However, the same thing happened the next day, they said it couldn’t be delivered. Of course, I called them back and they said there’s nothing else they could do. I was speaking to the French Chronopost people and they were supposed to be dealing with their agent in Australia. I asked if they could tell me who I could contact in Australia and they said No! They couldn’t give me anyone to contact in Australia.

Next update in the online tracking was that the document was being returned to France. Arghh.

You know what? The document was never returned to me. I don’t know where it is. I paid 50 euros to the post office to have my document disappear completely. And their customer service is so bad that I couldn’t be bothered trying to get the money back.

I sent a second version of the document to Australia using DHL and it was delivered very quickly, without any problem.

The second problem (happening just now)

I purchased a small piece of furniture online from Maisons du Monde in France. Because I now live in the UK I thought this wouldn’t be such a big problem. But they use Chronopost!

I’ve been tracking online again. On Monday and Tuesday they say they tried to deliver it but nobody was home. But somebody was there. They left no calling card and they didn’t try to call our phone. I called Chronopost on Wednesday morning. This was hard because all of there recorded messages were in French. If I didn’t know some French I would have just had to hang-up. I spoke to a lady who said it would be delivered today and I left a mobile number to be sure.

Well, it wasn’t delivered. I called Chronopost back again and they said they tried to deliver it twice today. Gloria was at home all day waiting. There was no calling card and no phone call. What a nightmare.

Now they are saying they’ll call to arrange another day to deliver. They have the right address and either they are lying or they are trying to deliver to the wrong house.

I’m not sure how this story will end up. At least Maisons du Monde say they’ll give me a full refund if the delivery isn’t made.

Don’t ever use Chronopost

My recommendation to you all is that if you see someone using Chronopost for an international delivery. Run in the other direction. My experience is that it will never be delivered. Save your money and you time and don’t even try. Use another courier or buy off somebody else.

That’s the end of my rant.

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