Bluebell Woods 1

Bluebell Woods

Finding these nice Bluebell’s was a surprise today. As part of exploring around my new home in the UK, I’m in the habit of just taking paths and seeing where they lead. Today I received the treat of finding these lovely Bluebell fields in the woods nearby. It was delightful to wander amongst them in peace and serenity. Very grounding and meditative.

I ended up walking for 1 hour and 50 minutes today, so I’m definitely getting into this walking thing. I’m trying to walk like Thich Nhat Hahn suggested in his book The Miracle of Mindfulness, in a very mindful and meditative way. It’s a good way to welcome more peace in my life.

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One thought on “Bluebell Woods

  • Maryse pregat

    Ces jacinthes des bois sont si jolies! Je comprends que se promener parmi elles doit être reposant et inspirant pour la méditation. Rien que la couleur a un effet apaisant. J’aime aussi beaucoup marcher et comme j’habite juste derrière la forêt de Saint-Germain , je le fais presque chaque jour. Mais je n’ai pas votre courage et me contente de 40 minutes. Toutes mes félicitations ! Maryse.