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Lots of new photos – see the “photos” tab

I’ve found some old CD’s of family photos from Singapore, Cypress Lakes, and lots more. So far I’ve uploaded a few hundred photos from 2004 and earlier (right back to when Jessica and Brittany were born). You can either look through the posts or go directly to the Photos page where I’ve tried to organise […]

Ok, should be going ok now…

I’ve been learning and playing with how to get this site going. It’s starting to get there. I have it mostly secured, so you need to login if you want to see the content (photos, videos, etc.) and the only way to get a username/password is to send me an email (any email you have […]

Just getting this started…

Hi everyone.  Just starting to sort this site out.  At first, I’m going to use it to share photos and videos with friends and family.  If you would like to have access to the photos, please email me on and I’ll send you a username/password.  You have to send the email address you’d like […]